"Thinking in the Deep: Celebrating the scholarly lives of Bridget Crone"

Thinking in the Deep

Please join us in a special event honouring the work and scholarly lives of curator and academic Bridget Crone. This will be a UK launch for her recently co-edited book, Fieldwork for Future Ecologies, published in 2022.

This event celebrates Bridget’s many contributions to the worlds of art, teaching, and curating. Bridget's research focused on the body in material and speculative terms, exploring questions of "liveness" and the image in relation to performance theory and practice, as well as the changing relations of body, technology, and ecology. She was a beloved member of the staff at the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths before her untimely passing this past January.

The event brings together contributions from a number of people central to Bridget’s academic life. It will feature a series of readings, works, and talks from contributors such as David Burns, Angus Carlyle, Henriette Gunkel, Therese Keogh, Kristin Kreider, Nicholas Mangan, Ruth Maclennan, Sam Nightingale, the Liquidity Collective, Simon O'Sullivan, Kate Pickering, Irit Rogoff, Philip Samarztis, Polly Stanton, Astrid Schmetterling, Susan Schuppli, Lynn Turner and Advanced `Practices.

There will also be a keynote “FEELed Work, or Ecologies of Feeling" by Professor Astrida Neimanis, University of British Columbia, Canada.


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